ASL Class Description

Beginner Day ASL Class

American Sign Language course for beginners. Some of the topics are Getting Acquainted, School, Discussing time, leisure activities, directional verbs, Family, places, occupations, time, classifiers, going places, sports, travel, Health and going to the doctor.

Beginner/Intermediate ASL Class

This course will apply conversations in eating out, food,getting acquainted, health, weather,  family,   sports and recreation, travel, government, technology, shopping, going out on the town, school, politics and religion etc. This course includes the course book with DVD, Idioms, directional verbs and a story built on Choosing a restaurant, Eating in a Restaurant, Going Shopping, Directions, Shopping, Driving Around, Conversations About Plans, Getting Ready to Go Out, During the Party Conversations, Leaving the Party, Weather, Going to Starbucks, At Starbucks with Conversations about School and Life, At Work, At the Airport, Returning Home and Technology.

ASL at Work

This class is about everyday life and in the work environment. You will study Introducing Ourselves, Learning ASL, People at Work, Making Appointments, Work Duties, Sharing Personal Information, Where People Live, Time and Activities, Asking for Assistance, Discussing Weather, Schedules and Events, Discussing Health, Locating Objects, Hobbies and Interest, Spending Money and Explaining Procedures.

Medical Situations, Emergencies, Natural Disasters Class- 36 week class taken in 12 week increments

Class One -You will learn basic signs in the medical profession along with small emergencies and natural disasters. This class also teaches asking information in sickness, traffic stops and other medical situations.

Class Two - You will study medical situations in a hospital setting and sentence structure etc.

Class Three – Some of the 13 chapters you will study are:

Chapter 1.............................33 Discussing Pain

Chapter 2.............................85 Specifics of the Patient's Pain

Chapter 3.............................129 What Relieves or Intensifies the Pain?

We will be continually adding classes later in Numbers, Idioms, Religion etc. so continue to check back or request these classes at your group location.

Please check our calendar for schedule classes or contact us about our group rates and to set you with your group in your location.


Classes we offer and can offer are:

  • Beginner ASL Course
  • Beginner/Intermediate Course
  • ASL at Work
  • Medical Courses (3)
  • Human Sexuality and Science ( integrated in medical courses)
  • Numbers Course
  • Social Studies
  • Religion in the Church (conversations and topics related to the Church)
  • Idioms and Slang
  • Singing and Signing (includes a course on glossing your own songs)

Available ASL Classes

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